Class Description:

LeanDog has been building connected products for our clients for years and after the incredible success of our Internet of Things course at Case Western Reserve University, we knew it was time to share our knowledge with the business world.

This is a fast-paced overview of the many considerations involved when designing, developing, and connecting a physical device to the Internet. We’ll cover a number of technologies, unique challenges of the User Experience, and the complexity of managing an IoT ecosystem.

Topics Covered:

  • ­Introduction to the Internet of Things
  • ­Breadth of technologies and integrations involved with a connected device
  • Specific challenges of the User Experience for integration of hardware and software
  • Interacting with devices from embedded, web, and mobile applications
  • Importance of data collection, telemetry, and analytics
  • The wide-range of connectivity options
  • ­Connecting devices to the internet and security implications
  • Managing and growing your IoT ecosystem

Learning Outcomes:

  • ­Understanding the breadth of the problem space
  • Focus on User Experience
  • Cross-platform integration for embedded, web, and mobile technologies
  • Learning why data, telemetry, and analytics are drivers for success
  • Awareness of security issues and implementation approaches
  • Understanding when connectivity can enhance a product

Target Audience:

This workshop is intended as a business-focused overview for individuals interested in a deeper understanding of Internet Connected devices. It covers many aspects of Product & Software Development, Analytics, Hardware Integration, User Interface Design, and Security.

Pricing: $500 / Attendee

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