Lean Kanban University® Certification

Are you looking for an internationally recognized certification in the Kanban Method? Delivered by top experts in the industry, this course meets the requirement for the Team Kanban Practitioner (TKP) status designation indicating completion of training in visual management for improved collaboration and Team Kanban concepts based on the Kanban Method.

Course Description

  • Design and implement a Team Kanban board
  • Learn the basics of visualizing different types of work and associated risk
  • Understand the core elements of the Kanban Method such as Work in Progress limits
  • Learn how to proceed to the next level with Kanban

The Team Kanban Practitioner class teaches the basics of the Kanban Method and serves as the entry-level and starting point to an “alternative path to agility.” It covers the elements of a task-level Kanban System for a single team or individual.

Experience the Kanban Method in an informal and interactive workshop setting. Leave with practical hands-on experience with the Kanban Method.

Who Should Attend?

This course is appropriate for novice Kanban practitioners and teams transitioning to Agile approaches. Course participants are encouraged to have read the book Kanban by David J. Anderson or Kanban from the Inside by Mike Burrows.

Course Outline


  • Using Kanban to address overburdened workloads
  • Principles & Practices of the Kanban Method
  • Meanings of Kanban
  • Basic Kanban concepts
  • Daily standup meeting
  • Replenishment meeting

Kanban interactive simulation

  • Board designs (including Personal Kanban)
  • WIP limits
  • Batching and Flow
  • Types of Risk
  • Team Kanban board design

Pricing: $1000 / Attendee

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