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Redefine Your Journey

Agile Transformations

Chart a new course, and unlock the potential of your team and organization.

Start Your Agile Journey

Agile implementation for sustained success.

Like planning for your next voyage—take stock of where you are, envision the destination, equip the crew and prepare for the journey ahead.


Achieve greater team efficiency and effectiveness.

Reduce defects and improve outcomes.

Run more efficient meetings.

The LeanDog approach:
There is no one-size-fits-all agility.

There is no such thing as “agile in a box.” Effective transformations begin with an assessment of where your organization is today, where you want to go, and how you’ll get there.

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1. Assemble your crew.

To identify what needs to happen, we must first understand your people, processes, technologies, and project portfolio.

To do this, we first assemble the crew. Who will lead this journey, championing the approach internally?

Transformation leaders are employees from across the organization who pursue courageous conversations to remove roadblocks, take risks, and attempt new approaches to old problems.

These individuals make up the Change Agent Team.


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2. Equip your crew. 

Now that you have your Change Agent Team, it's time to train them in the skills they will need to succeed including lean, agile, design thinking, DevOps, and more.

To do this the team completes a LeanDog-led Agile Explained course. Over two half-days, our expert trainers walk through the agile fundamentals, establishing a baseline of agile methodologies and terminology.

Transformations - dock with boats - Assess your starting point

3. All hands on deck. 

To create your organization’s roadmap, we must first establish where it is today. We use an Obeya, or Big Visual Room, to do this.

An Obeya comprises several large information radiators spread throughout a room. Led by LeanDog agile experts, the change agent team populates the boards.

It gets everything out in the open so you can visualize how your organization gets work done, and transparency begins to break down barriers that often prevent employees from collaborating and sharing information.

The interactive Obeya session establishes your organization’s current state.

Transformations - globe and map - chart your course

4. Chart your course.

After three days immersed with your organization’s change agents, LeanDog collaborates with you to create a final summary document, or transformation plan, including:

  • Where we are today.
  • Where we want to be.
  • How we’ll get there.
  • What we need to achieve it.

Why this process? Because every organization is different.

Highly prescriptive agile framework installations fail if a clear understanding of the user is not established.

transformations - sails for boat

5. Set sail. 

In this journey, we’re not just your agile guide; we’re in it with you.

At this point, with the personalized transformation plan and Obeya established, agile deployment begins.

What remains the same for all clients is an emphasis on the agile methodologies throughout implementation. We will:

  • Prioritize people over processes.
  • Instill servant leadership practices.
  • Implement adaptive processes over predictive ones.
  • Create a culture of continuous improvement and lifelong learning.
  • Empower employees to help craft their culture.
  • Create a backlog of coaching, training and educational opportunities.
  • Use agile practices to iterate through your transformation plan.
  • Get all information out in the open and create a culture of transparency.

Our agile coaches are along for the journey, providing regular instruction and direction as you transform your culture.

Transformations - Continue your journey on a boat

6. Adjust your sails.

Agile transformation implies that there is a fixed endpoint when you will arrive. But the agile journey is one of continuous improvement.

Agile transformations require cultural and structural changes, which take time and attention. Because our engagement model is tailored to our clients, building upon the agile foundation set during the planning and initial implementation phase, the method for scaling agile is determined accordingly.

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Ready to thrive with agile?

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“LeanDog showed us you really can make changes in your organization, you just have to be willing to consider them.”
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Joe Marton
Client Services Director, Dwellworks

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