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What our customers are saying about us

"The overwhelming emotion is relief."


Kathy Kennedy
Sr. Vice President, The Equity Engineering Group

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"I think the LeanDog team has opened my perspective of my responsibilities and has shown me the value of every member within an Agile team. Most of all, the simple reality that this process was designed to make product delivery "fun"!"

Carl Malony
Software Engineer, M&T Bank

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"If you want to explain to your company a better way to be organized, sustainable, strong during uncertainty, and have better communications within the company and with customers, call Jon Stahl and LeanDog to learn and implement an Agile environment."
Sue Marrone

Sue Marrone
Owner, Mosaic Junction

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"Each exposure to LeanDog's material and coaching has led to more growth for me professionally. Jon Stahl and his team are constantly practicing what they preach, and their material continues to mature. From my first interaction a few years ago to now, I am still learning new nuances and perspectives thanks to the efforts of Jon and his team."
John Koterba

John Koterba
BA/SM/PO, Dakota Software

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"I Needed Something to help me answer those big questions and that's absolutely what the Agile Explained session did for me."


Eric W.

Eric Whitnable
Collaboration Consultant, Nationwide Insurance

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"As a business psychologist, I view “Agile Explained” as an immersion learning technique. Get the basics covered, realize quickly you can do this with help, then it becomes a matter of practice to reap the benefits.


Dr. Stacy Feiner
CEO and Founder, Psynamics

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"The Agile Explained Experience has been extremely effective."



Mike Livermore
Sr. Manager, IT, Swagelok

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"We had several coaches from our organization in the same Agile Explained workshop. It has sparked some great conversations, new information for our teams, and some new experiments to try. These coaches are highly trained, educated and experienced...even with that, there were things to learn in this training. I'd recommend this training to all roles in the organization. It was a great overview of agile, but more specifically it was about the culture, outcomes, and possibilities that agile brings. Product Owners, project managers, and leadership are critical to be in attendance.

While this training was held virtually with pre-recorded training segments, the coaches and leaders at LeanDog were available and answered questions in realtime in the chat and then addressed questions, concerns, and ideas 'live' after each segment. I highly recommend it!!


Beverly Sunkle
Sr IT Manager, Ambercrombie and Fitch

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"There is a reason LeanDog is where they are and why they effect so much change with a lot of companies."


Justine Duane

Justin Duane
CEO, RetailSource

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Terri's experience with our Agile Explained Course...

"I highly recommend this course! Jon and team do an incredible job providing a large amount of useful information in a short amount of time. They are knowledgeable, informative, and concise. I think all levels of Agile experience, in many career paths will find this course beneficial."

Terri Ramos
Project Lead, Cardinal Health

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