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What our customers are saying about us

"LeanDog helped us with a lean and agile methodology, and taught us how to put up information in a big and visual way to help us collaborate and communicate."

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Jeff Curran
Ideation Coach, Cardinal Health

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"Jon Stahl and his LeanDog team are great facilitators and teachers, and know what they are about."

Thomas Georgantis
Co-Owner/Managing Director, effution

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"They clearly know there is value in employee happiness and they want to make every workplace and employee feel the same."

Joan Fahrenkrug
Club Coordinator, Major League Baseball

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"It took us about 210 steps to get the patient through the system and into our scheduling department.  We've cut that in half."
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Lisa Kristosik
Chief Operating Officer, VNA

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"The biggest Ah-Ha moment was how often all the different practices spoke about the people and allowing for a very open and collaborative thought process. Agile understand that having multiple people and roles on the project will give it the most well rounded and holistic product that can be delivered at that time."

"We are all in a position to make our companies better, more efficient, and better aligned for todays competing markets. Using just a fraction of these ideas could help get you and your company there. "


Ilene Jarrell
Regional Manager, Fifth Third Bank

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"The Agile Explained course provides a well-rounded approach to various facets of Agile. It also offers tangible advice for how to guide and advance projects measurably."


Kristen Jackson
Software Developer/Senior Technical Writer

"It is obvious the LeanDog team is not only knowledgeable, but passionate about Agile and helping people grow."

Mark Kemmerling
IT Support Team Lead, Swagelok

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"I'm studying for my PMI-Agile certification and LeanDog was a great refresher course. All the key topics were covered and real examples were given for each class. It helped me in understanding that the key to Agile is a mindset, and to be successful, you just need to be willing to make change and think differently.


Madalyn Gottschalk                                                                                                             Expert Systems Analyst, UPMC

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"We’re using a lot of the tools and principles that we learned from LeanDog to really organize our thoughts to help us prioritize what we need to do over the next day, week, and even year."


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Rob Carlson
VP of Global Supply Chain, Dwellworks

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"Even if you believe you are 'Agile' this course could help you reflect on the core principals and perhaps, like me, identify important areas that have been compromised and eroded away in the day to day grind. This course allowed me to reflect and refocus on our commitment to constant improvement."

Joe Sylvester
Product Owner, Vintri Technologies

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