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Certified Scrum Developer

Class Description: This course fulfills the Technical skills requirement on the Certified Scrum Developer track. CSD - Certified Scrum Developer®

Certified Scrum Developers have demonstrated, through a combination of formal training and a technical skills assessment, that they have a working understanding of Scrum principles and have learned specialized Agile engineering skills.

The Certified Scrum Developer® course is aimed at software developers (programmers) who are building software in a Scrum environment.

The goal is to expose students to the most important tools and techniques that need to be applied in order to build good software in the iterative and incremental fashion that Scrum requires. These ideas are central to the entire field of Agile software development.

Topics Covered: The first day begins with a demonstration of pair-programming and test-driven development and an overview of Fitnesse. After this, we move on to the laboratory project that will be the basis for the rest of the course.

After an introduction to the problem and its associated backlog, each team will conduct a Sprint Planning meeting and begin work. At the conclusion of each ninety-minute Sprint, each team will review their completed features with the rest of the class and then conduct a Sprint Retrospective.

During each Sprint Review, the instructor will review each team's application and test code. He will focus on two areas, the relationship between a module and its tests, and the design and structure of the code. It has been understood for over forty years that high-quality software is composed of loosely coupled modules of highly cohesive code. These attributes are, to the skilled observer, obvious in the source code and will be the basis of most of the discussion during the code review.

The course proceeds with planning, sprint execution, review, and retrospective (and a short lecture here and there) until the afternoon of the last day. The course concludes with a course review, retrospective, and plenty of time for questions and answers.

All courses on the Certified Scrum Developer® track are taught by Registered Education Providers. For more information on the curriculum for the CSD credential, visit

Schedule: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm (Day 1, 2, and 3)

Pricing: $2,400 / Attendee

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