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Remote Agile Explained

All the goodness of our Agile Explained training delivered over Zoom with our top coaches!


Class Description: Kick-start your Agile journey! Over the course of five days, our expert trainers will walk you through the fundamentals of Agile. Using the LeanDog Agile Discussion Guide, which is yours to keep, you'll learn how to leverage over 30 practices and principles to increase your teams' productivity, communication, collaboration, and effectiveness.

For this class we have recorded the very best version of each Agile Explained module and each time we deliver this class we fine tune it even more based on the feedback and questions we get. 

We then play each recording over Zoom and attendees can ask questions in chat throughout the module. Then, at the end of each module, we have a live (and often quite spirited) Q&A session where anyone can turn on their microphone and camera so we can all discuss and clarify what you've learned.

Your Instructors: 

  • Jon Stahl - Founder and CEO of LeanDog with 23 years agile experience
  • Mike Jebber - Agile process coach with 25 years experience
  • Nicole Capuana - Product and design coach with 20 years experience
  • Paul Carvalho - DevOps and quality coach with 30 years experience
  • Julias Shaw - LeanDog CTO with 21 years agile experience as a technical and process coach

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This course is broken up into 12 modules. With each module you get:

  • Zoom delivery of pre-recorded videos from our top coaches
  • Chat-based Q&A during each video
  • Interactive video Q&A sessions


In addition to the videos and interactive Q&A you also get LeanDog's Agile Discussion Guide which you can use to dive into deeper detail in each area with your team!

Daily Agenda: 

Day 1 - 2.5 hrs (including Q&A)
Agile Manifesto
Lean & Agile Concepts
Change Management
Day 2 - 2.5 hrs (including Q&A)
Day 3 - 2.5 hrs (including Q&A)
Product Management & Product Ownership
Day 4 - 2.5 hrs (including Q&A)
Design Thinking
Day 5 - 2 hrs (including Q&A)


Where: Zoom
Pricing: $495 per attendee

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